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Effective Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Waste water from the distillery is difficult to treat; However, A.T.E process help lower the organic part of the waste water and the results of methane-based biogas that can be reused as fuel. This creates a lower power usage and reduce sludge. It also led to some of the re-use of materials.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals – Installation of a systematic treatment solutions can assist in disposing of hazardous waste materials produced by the chemical and petrochemical industries. You can check out wastewater treatment plant via

Aerial view recirculation solid contact clarifier sedimentation tank

Modern treatment solutions provide a unique technology that can help degrade complex organic pollutants, increase the solids retention, reduced power consumption, and eventually produce consistently treated wastewater.

Textiles – Textiles production process involves several stages of manufacture of yarn and fabric processing with chemicals and dyes. The waste water produced by the textile industry contain the remains of such hazardous chemicals. Nowadays, many solutions available that utilize technology such as dissolved air flotation to remove lint. It involves low chemical consumption and reducing the generation of sludge.

Waste water treatment differ from industry to industry that requires different treatment products, processes, and solutions. A.T.E. has a team of skilled and experienced people and offers products and services that help manage the wastewater treatment from end-to-end.