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What You Should Know About live streaming?

You can watch, create, and share live streaming videos. You only need an internet-enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone and a platform (such as a website or app) from which to live stream.

Live streaming, unlike pre-recorded videos which can be edited and cut, is live and uncensored.

Private streams are possible for some live streams. You can use live streaming technology to reach out to people. Today worldwide Connected TV, BVOD, Live Streaming, and Programmatic TV Media Buying are changing the game. Some live streams can be viewed by thousands or hundreds of people.

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Live streaming is so popular

YouTube and reality TV are the inspirations for live streaming. You can broadcast whatever you're doing right now, anywhere in the world.

Children and young people love live streaming, especially primary-aged children. They can be creators, presenters and be heard by the audience. It also allows them to connect with their favorite celebrities.

Live streamers enjoy the feeling of being "in the moment" and interfacing with friends, family, and even the world. There are many ways to broadcast exciting, fun, and important moments live, such as a birthday message to family members, a Q and A, or talent showcases.

Children and young people can connect with their favorite live streamers by viewing live streams. They can interact with celebrities and leave comments for other viewers.

Live streaming can be a positive tool that children and teens use to build identity and communicate well.