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Invisalign Braces in Camberwell – A Perfect Solution For Teeth Alignment

Cosmetic dentistry has been revolutionized and it is now possible to correct the alignment of teeth. No more irritating wires are used for teeth alignment.

There are no more metal wires that you should be ashamed of or embarrassed about. There is no more struggle in brushing between meals or snacks.

Invisalign is the industry leader in invisible teeth straightening. Are they truly invisible? The treatment has been used by more than 1.3 million people worldwide. How many people have you seen?

You can use Invisalign braces for an overbite, crossbite, spaced, or crooked teeth. You can get invisible invisalign braces via, as now the patient's lifestyle is not affected by the braces. 

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You can still exercise, eat, drink, and speak clearly. If a mouthguard is needed, it can be removed. They can also be worn for contact sports. Invisible braces work slowly to move the patient's teeth into their proper positions.

This is achieved by using a series of clear plastic trays and aligners. Each aligner moves the teeth slightly closer to their final position by being slightly different from the previous one.

Invisalign requires that molds are taken before you can move on to the next stage. The Invisalign provider (either an orthodontist or dentist) will do this. To create the perfect mold of the patient's starting teeth, a rubber-like substance is used.