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Are you aware that your printer is capable of doing things you didnt know about? Here are a few

Cleveland, QLD printers

Some of the basic things done by a printer are to print documents, texts, images etc. But wait, there’s more since a printer is capable of doing a few things you may not be aware of. These are some of the things your printer is capable of doing.

  1. To Download Apps – Latest model printers are capable of downloading apps. If you own one of the latest printers, then you may consider downloading a few apps. At the moment, there aren’t too many to download. But some of the best apps you can download at the moment are monthly calendars and daily crossroads. App developers are working hard to introduce more apps in the future.
  2. To Save Ink – The default settings of your printer may be consuming a lot of ink. However, you can change that by heading over to settings and selecting the draft mode allowing you to save more on the ink.
  3. To Make Magnets – Promotional magnets can be easily printed by the use of your printer. With correct settings, you need to have your hands-on a magnet paper to print the magnets.
  4. To Backup Files – Latest printer models come with a dedicated SD card slot. Having this helps you to save the file on a pen drive or hard disk you wish to print as a backup later on in the future.

These are some of the things your printers in Cleveland, QLD region are capable of offering.