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What Kind of Glass Paint Do I Need?

It is a pastime that is suitable for people of all ages. There are many types, and here we'll provide a brief guide on how to choose the best fit for your project.

Normal glass paint:

Paint can be applied to items that are not likely to be handled or washed, such as sun catchers, vases, hanging decorations, mirrors, and many other interior glass items suitable for ordinary glass paint. This type of paint comes in two forms: spirit-based or water-based. To buy glass paint you can visit this website

Water-based paint is more user-friendly, although spirit-based paint has more vivid colors. Similar to peelable paint, outliners (CERN Relief) are used to produce the lead effect. The outliner is packaged in tubes and applied directly out of the tube. Paint is applied using a brush.

Penetrable glass paint

It is ideal for use by children. However, it is also suitable for adults. It is the most simple and straightforward to use, and since it is water-based, it is completely safe. It is perfect for making window decorations. Easy to apply directly from tube to plastic object.

Use an outliner to create a lead look. Once dry, peel off the plastic work surface so that the picture will stick to any smooth surface such as tile, glass, or even tile. It can be removed and reapplied later. Place it on a plastic sheet and keep it in a dry place. It's perfect to use as a temporary window decoration for Christmas.