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Meat Dicers That Meet Modern Processing Demands

Slicers and dicers are essential in the production of food and treats. With a wide range of new and innovative products entering the market, these devices are now being used for a wide variety of applications. "Equipment that can process both frozen and hot products is essential for food processors,".

Applications include reduction and dicing of frozen muscle meat and byproducts for freeze-dried treats (e.g., liver, lung, heart), dicing of hot, cooked products for canned and pouched foods, and slicing of formed products for bagged treats, and reduction of refrigerated products for ready-to-eat meal products. Food facilities and businesses that involve this on daily basis can shop for the best slicers and dicers on

As more and more pet owners feed their pets raw, fresh, or frozen, the demand for foods and treats made from fresh ingredients is on the rise. Dicers and slicers play a key role in processing this format.  Slicers and dicers often process premium food ingredients, frozen treats, and popular dry treats from a single ingredient, all trends embraced by manufacturers.

Slicers are commonly used to maintain consistent slicing thickness prior to smoking, cooking, or drying. In addition, dicing and slicing equipment is used to reduce the size of the continuously extruded products.