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Life Expectancy For Sewing Machines

I am thinking of purchasing a sewing machine. I have never owned one before, but I think it would be a good investment and something I would really enjoy using. I have read many sewing machine reviews, and it sounds like there are a wide variety of machines out there to choose from.

I am wondering how long I should expect a machine to last that is not being used often or for heavy duty projects. I will be using my machine primarily for mending items and for minor alterations. I will probably use it to make household items likes valances and pillow or chair covers, but not on a daily basis.

I have no idea how long the life expectancy of a sewing machine is under these types of conditions. When I read up on sewing machine reviews, I do not see much mention of this. Some of the reviews of the best sewing machines mention the warranty for certain machines, but that does not answer my question of how long I should expect my machine to last if I decide to go ahead and purchase one.

I want this purchase to be worth my investment in terms of being of actual use to me for a long time to come.