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Choosing a Tasmania Wedding Photographer

When choosing a wedding photographer it is important to choose someone you feel happy and comfortable with. Ask friends or relatives for recommendations from couples who have recently been married or from the venue itself and obtain a number of quotes for the best wedding photographer in Tasmania. Make sure you see some samples of the photographers work and that the style of photography is one you are confident with.

This is important as some couples can feel uncomfortable with some poses the photographer may request. Some photographers take candid pictures whilst others have a more traditional style. If possible then ask the photographer to visit your home or where you're leaving, and also a wedding venue before the day.

This way you can discuss settings and any unusual shots you may wish and it will give the photographer the opportunity to see the lighting conditions and settings for themselves. This may not be required if the photographer has already worked at the venue before.

Traditionally if it's a church wedding, the shot will be taken of the bride in her home, in the car, the entrance to the church, in the sacristy, leaving the church and then various photos of a group wedding party, family and friends. A wedding held in different places may depend on what the place itself allows.