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The Social Media Marketing Perspective of the Facebook Messenger Bot

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot? On the most rudimentary level, chat bots provide a means for online businesses to automate much of the lower-level customer support functions. Rather than waiting on hold for an operator to talk to you, customers can now chat with a chat bot to complete basic queries or to begin the initial stages of an RMA request. If your company values customer relations more than ever, you should strongly consider investing in a Facebook Messenger Bot to give your customers the ability to easily contact you.

What are chat bots? Bots are applications written in programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, etc., that run on Facebook servers, and which enable businesses to seamlessly interact with their customers. Bots allow companies to handle the "backend" of customer support by providing easy access to the Facebook servers when needed and by providing quick responses to basic questions or requests for assistance. Bots also typically include a built-in database of contacts and a variety of additional functions such as file sharing and the ability to post items for sale on Facebook.

With so much emphasis on social networking on the part of the Facebook generation (and Google with its Android operating system), it is not surprising that a number of Facebook users are asking whether or not the use of Facebook chat Bots will hamper businesses' ability to provide satisfactory customer service. The concern is not entirely unreasonable. After all, it is hard to imagine a world in which one's Facebook friends are unable to reach a customer service representative in time to help them get a product or service to work. Similarly, if Facebook chat Bots is completely eliminated from the equation, then many will be left without access to chat options and will be unable to do business with other companies. However, while experts may well be concerned about the potential effect, it is important to remember that it is unlikely such concerns will materialize. chat Bots are here to stay and have no effect on customer service whatsoever.

There are, however, certain concerns one must take into account before using Facebook Messenger Bot in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Bot developers have placed a number of different restrictions on the software in order to keep it functioning properly. For example, Facebook Messenger Bot will not be able to handle video. This restriction was put in place in order to prevent spam filters from picking up a video being passed around via a Bot. In addition, a Facebook Messenger Bot will not be able to handle private messaging. Therefore, in order for a chatbot to be used by an organization, it needs to be integrated with a legitimate Facebook messenger system, and the owner of that system must be granted access rights.

One of the ways this can be accomplished is through the installation of a Facebook messenger chat plugin. This plugin will allow Facebook users to use their Bot in conjunction with their Facebook account. To do this, a user will need to install the Facebook messenger chatbot on their computer. Once that has been completed, they will be able to log into their Facebook account, select the bot and then use it as a regular webchat. This will allow them to communicate with others, as Bot users always remain within their "chat" network.

Facebook Messenger Bot has made it easy for businesses to provide improved customer service. However, if a business wants to try to take its service to the next level, it must be sure that it understands how to integrate Bots with Facebook. Because Facebook itself is still developing the interface that will be presented to the public, Chat Bots needs to be designed with Facebook's short-term goals in mind. Therefore, it is imperative that a business owner becomes knowledgeable about Facebook's Chat Bots.

For example, a Facebook Messenger Bot may be able to help increase open rates, but if it does not have any plugins that allow the user to set up mass email marketing campaigns, it may actually prevent new customers from signing up altogether. Therefore, when building a Facebook Messenger Bot, business owners should focus on compatibility and open rates, and not on mass email campaigns. If they focus on those aspects, they will be able to use Messenger Bot to its full potential.

In addition to being compatible with Facebook, Messenger Bot has to be able to adjust to different environments. This means that while an organization is using Facebook Messenger for internal purposes, the bot should also be able to function in other apps, such as Tweetdeck and Google+ Messenger. If it is not, it will confuse the customer and frustrate them. By creating specific profiles for each of the apps that a business uses, the Facebook Messenger Bot will be much more effective. Therefore, it is important that a business chooses its Messenger Bot carefully.