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Types Of Dental Braces For Alignment Of Teeth In Singapore

Contact an orthodontist after your search and you will likely be able to get free advice from a doctor where they will explain treatment strategies and consider many alternatives. Although the dentistry braces offered by orthodontists may be the same as others, choosing the right orthodontist will give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Wild smile braces

All braces can be customized with uniquely colored wires if the mini bracket in the bracket contains the largest selection of custom braces for those who have Wildsmiles for kids. Most practitioners wear the braces that people want.

Metal clip

Regular metal braces are the same braces that orthodontists give to all patients. The brackets are attached to each tooth with a compact wire that is attached to each last bracket and is made of metal, ceramic, or plastic.

Mini Brackets

Mini brackets are often smaller versions with traditional brackets that can be matched in clear, silver, or gold colors. Kids can choose sports themes, flowers, hearts, and have more to choose from with Wildsmiles. Do not use boring or blunt braces that an orthodontist may provide. Let your kids change their style with special brackets.

Invisilign Braces

Visit and contact your local orthodontist to find out if Invisalign is right for you. Invisalign applies a variety of aligners that are tailored for each patient and gently moves the teeth into position.