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Week by Week Pregnancy Guide and Pregnancy Tips

All women love to monitor their progress and that of their fetuses week by week with pregnancy guidance. It is very interesting to know how big and how long your baby is at a certain stage or what characteristics he has developed.

A good online pregnancy guide will provide helpful pregnancy tips week by week at each stage, and moms-to-be can see what is happening or should be happening to their bodies from conception to birth. You can also get more information about pregnancy via

Some pregnancy guides are divided into three trimesters. Others are really weekly pregnancy guides, and for women who like to keep up with every little change, they're a lot of fun to follow.

They also have a serious side and women can be warned of potential problems by following week-by-week pregnancy guidelines. For example, knowing at what stage your baby's movements should be felt and knowing why you feel a certain way and it's not uncommon can help dispel any fears you may have.

Here are some of the best pregnancy tips you'll find in a weekly pregnancy guide:

Watch Out

Try to eat a healthy diet, take any supplements your doctor prescribes, drink plenty of water (at least eight to ten glasses a day), avoid caffeine, reduce alcohol, and quit smoking.

Don't overeat

Don't ever think you can eat for two now. you can not. Any overfeeding means that you will accumulate fat as your baby weighs and will be difficult to change.

Style is Important

There's a great fad these days for maternity or you can fit most of your outfits as "it's all going on", but you'll feel better about yourself if you put a little effort into looking your best.